Here are some things to check:

  1. Check that you have Administrator privileges on your computer.
  2. Make sure that your anti-virus software is not preventing installation.
  3. Select “Tools-> Manage Add-Ons”  in your browser and make sure that the “Alexa Toolbar” is enabled.
  4. Select “View -> Toolbars” in your browser and make sure the “Alexa Toolbar” is checked.
  5. If you see the “Gear” button at the right of the toolbar, select the “Options” item and make sure that the options you are interested are enabled.
  6. Check that no other browser add-ons are interfering with the Alexa toolbar.
    - Try disabling other toolbars or add-ons, then restarting IE to see if this fixes the problem with the Alexa toolbar
  7. Try uninstalling the toolbar, re-starting IE, then re-installing the toolbar from
  8. Check that your firewall is not blocking or
  9. Make sure that there are no “hosts” file entries blocking or
    - See this Wikipedia article on hosts files to see how to find the “hosts” file on your operating system.

If you also have the Firefox browser installed on your computer, you might want to try installing the Firefox version of the Alexa toolbar from   If the Firefox version of the toolbar works fine, then there is most likely no problem with your firewall settings or hosts file.

If the above methods don’t work, and you need to submit a help-desk ticket, the following information will help us reproduce your problem:

  • What browser version are you using?
  • What operating system?
  • What other add-ons do you have installed in your browser?
  • Do you have any anti-virus software installed?
  • A screenshot of the problem is very helpful.