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9.99 per month

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49 per month

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149 per month

the only 149 per month

Competitive IntelligenceGet an insider's edge with Alexa's Competitive Intelligence toolkit. Uncover opportunities for competitive advantage, benchmark any site against its competitors and track companies over time.
Historical Traffic Trends  checkedcheckedchecked
Demographics  Limitedcheckedchecked
Sites Linking In & Upstream Sites  checkedcheckedchecked
Social Metrics  checkedcheckedchecked
Engagement  checkedcheckedchecked
Traffic Sources  checked with a notecheckedchecked
Downstream Sites  checked with a notecheckedchecked
Organic & Paid Keyword Insights  checked with a notechecked with a notechecked
On Site IntelligenceMaximize your site's performance with our easy-to-follow recommendations and accurate metrics that count real people, not just cookies, with our On Site Intelligence toolkit.
Certified Metrics  checked with a note
Up to 10 million
pageviews / month
checked with a note
Up to 50 million
pageviews / month
checked with a note
Up to 150 million
pageviews / month
Uptime Monitor  checkedcheckedchecked
SEO Audit  checked with a notecheckedchecked
Full Site + SEO Audit  checked with a notechecked with a notechecked

How does the Alexa Pro Basic Free Trial work?
Simply sign up for a Basic subscription. You will immediately receive all the benefits of being subscribed, but you will pay nothing for the first month.
Do you have a Free Trial for the Insight or
Advanced Plans?
No, not at this time, but we Invite you to get started with Alexa Pro Basic and see what Alexa's tools and Insights can do for you.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept most major credit cards as well as PayPal.
Can I change plans or cancel any time?
Yes. You can upgrade to a plan with more features or cancel at any time. If you cancel the Basic subscription within the first month, you will pay nothing for the first month.
Why do I need to enter my Credit Card Information?
You need to enter in your credit card information to that we can ensure you continued service once your free Basic subscription trial is over. 

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